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Last Updated: September 7, 2008

The kit comes with the MAF adapter that bolts directly up to the OEM MAF machined to precision. The silicone hoses are three-ply high heat blue, black, or red couplers used with all SS clamps. The base kit comes with non-coated mild steel application which you can coat or we can for a small fee. Be sure to click the finish you like to purchase before checkout. The air filter is a K&N cone shaped filter that can breathe for the 2.5 liter or 3 liter NA. The standard coating is a clear silver with high temp clear unless you order a polished SS pipe. If you ordered the coating and want a specific color add it to the comment form on paypal at no extra charge but the silver finish is standard. The kit will only draw in cold-air from the bumper area where there is a splash shield for protection from water and debris. Improve your power gains by relocating the filter from the hot engine bay to cool air below your bumper. This colder air allows the engine to increase spark advance and lean out the fuel A/F for more torque and power.



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