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General Information:

The 1999-2002 Mercury Cougars are of 7th generation of cars with that particular name; in Europe, they are being sold under the parent company Ford Motor Company's name, thus Ford Cougars. From a business perspective, it was Ford/Mercury's attempt at establishing another model in the sport compact market. They were first revealed in the United Kingdom at the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit in 1998, and the concept car Mercury MC2 was completed in 1997. The design was based on the Ford CDW27 platform (also shared by the Ford Contour, Ford Mondeo, and Mercury Mystique). Production began in 1998 at Flat Rock, Michigan, United States. The available configurations were as follows:

Engine2.5-liter dual overhead cam (DOHC), 24-valve, 6-cylinder (V6) Duratec with 170 crank horsepower
2.0-liter 4-cylinder (I4) Zetec with 130 crank horsepower
Transaxle5-speed Ford MTX-75 manual
4-speed Ford CD4E automatic
LayoutFront-engine, front-wheel drive
SuspensionFully independent multilink
Brakes4-wheel vented disc brakes (V6 only)
Top Speed~150 mph or ~240 km/h with manual transaxle, V6 engine, and without electronic speed limiter
~115 mph or ~185 km/h with electronic speed limiter
Wheelbase106.4 in or 270 cm
Length185 in or 470 cm
Width69.6 in or 177 cm
Height52.2 in or 133 cm
Curb Weight2,892 lb or 1,312 kg

The Mercury/Ford Cougar was canceled in 2002 after 4 years of production. The reason was largely attributed to lackluster sales figures, which some blamed on ineffective marketing while others blamed on the relatively high production cost (which translated to a relatively high sticker price for the target market).

Exterior Colors

The available exterior colors for the 1999-2000 Mercury/Ford Cougar vehicles are as follows.

Ash Gold Clearcoat Metallic Yes No No No
Black Clearcoat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Citrus Gold Clearcoat Metallic No Yes No No
Dark Shadow Grey Clearcoat Metallic No No Yes Yes
Dark Tourmaline Clearcoat Metallic Yes Yes No No
Grabber Green Clearcoat Metallic No No No Yes
Laser Red Tinted Clearcoat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Light Parchment Gold Clearcoat MetallicNo No No Yes
Light Sapphire Clearcoat Metallic No Yes No No
Melina Blue Clearcoat Metallic Yes No No No
Rio Red Clearcoat Yes Yes Yes No
Silver Frost Clearcoat Metallic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spruce Green Clearcoat Metallic Yes Yes No No
Sunburst Gold Clearcoat Metallic No No Yes No
Tropic Green Clearcoat Metallic No No Yes No
Vibrant White Clearcoat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Zinc Yellow Clearcoat No Yes No No

Changes Across Model Years

Changes from 1999 to 2000:

  • In the 2000 Cougar, the driver side door map storage pockets was removed.
  • Ash trays and cigerette lighters were no longer standard features.
  • A glow-in-the-dark emergency release handle was added to the interior of the trunk.

Changes from 2000 to 2001:

  • New standard features found on 2001 Cougar: New front grill, new headlights, new instrument panel, new steering wheel
  • New options: aluminum pedals (with the V6 Sport Group only), in-dash 6-disc CD changer

Changes from 2001 to 2002:

  • 2002 Cougar now offers the 35th Anniversary Edition package as an option, which included unique emblems, hood scoop, chrome 17-inch wheels, and in-dash 6-disc CD changer.

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    What is this "self diagnostics mode" I keep hearing about?
  • If you use a certain procedure (described further down), you can gain access to Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and many other digital readouts from the trip computer display built into the Cougar's gauge cluster. Items that are displayed include, but are not limited to: RPM, MPH, Battery Voltage, Engine Coolant Temp, DTCs, etc.

    1. Hold Down "Units" & "Reset" buttons on the trip computer while the car is off.
    2. Turn the car on ... The gauges will reset (pet out) and then return to normal.
    3. Release the "Reset" button, THEN the "Units" button ... in that order or it may not work.
    4. Push "Select" to go through various Diagnostic Modes, press "Units" to switch between Standard and Metric measuring units, and press "Reset" to return to normal mode (gauge needles will peg out again).
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  • How do I tell if I have a return style or returnless fuel system?
  • In an effort to save money and also meet stricter emissions standards, Ford decided to make all of it's vehicles with returnless fuel systems starting in May of 1999. These new fuel systems allow for greater control of fuel, thus allowing Ford to get better gas milage and lower emissions. So, any car producted before 5/3/1999 has a return style fuel system while those produced on and after 5/3/1999 have a returnless fuel system. To determine your car's production date, look for a sticker on either your passenger's or driver's side door jam that has the vehicle production date.
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  • What do the DTCs stand for?
  • Self Diagnostic Mode DTC OBD-II DTC Description

    9201   B1201   Fuel Sender Circuit Failure
    9204   B1204   Fuel Sender short to ground
    9257   B1257   Climate Control
    9317   B1317   Battery voltage high (greater than 16)
    9318   B1318   Battery voltage low (less than 10)
    9342   B1342   ECU defective
    9359   B1359   Ignition Run / ACC circuit failure
    0115   P0115   Engine coolant temperature (ECT) circuit malfunction
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  • Where can I pull ground from for an amp in the trunk?
  • The ground wire can be mounted to anything metal. You can screw it right into the trunk if you want. Just be sure to check under the car first so you don't screw into the gas tank or anything else important.
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